Day 10: Sankara Rose

Here I am again, ready and willing to take you through yet another Rose Safari Expedition. On this particular day and at the Ngong peaks of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. I am on a safari looking for the Sankara. A rose that I finally find on the peak of one of the hills. The Sankara rose which appears in a stunning and fluid pink. A dazzling color that I can say in not so many words; but if love could have a color, it wouldn’t be in just any common shade, It definitely would be named… the Sankara pink.


The Rose Safari brings forth a Sankara rose that is favored most, a quality that other roses just cannot boost about. For it appears in a lovely pink that is certainly a favorite among many women in this great world, in addition it boost a sturdy and long stem, a large flower head that opens in a big way and a long vase life. The rose safari expedition has produced one of the top roses which any florist would be more than proud to have for the market. Join me on my next discovery in the rose safari expedition and lets discover some more flower gems!