‘Spot the Difference and Win’

Florists visiting Floradecora were challenged to differentiate between Kenyan and South American grown premium roses in an exciting exercise. Six Ecuadorian and six Kenyan rose varieties were randomly placed in tubes and florists had to tell for each rose which was the country of origin. Many visiting florists gave it a try, but it turned out to be very difficult to tell them apart and nobody was able to get a 100% score.

Very difficult to tell Kenyian & Ecuadorain roses them apart



This concept attested to the fact that Kenya produces high quality premium roses, with the same quality characteristics as to those grown in South America. Rose Safari delivers a premium assortment at a +/- 15/20 % discount when compared to the same quality and size roses coming from South America. Impressions from the buyers at Floradecora on Rose Safari were unmistakable in terms of their genuine interest of the high quality roses that were put on display.

Jan Renting at the Rose Safari stand during the inaugural Floradecora Trade fair


Rose Safari, a new marketing concept for Kenyan grown premium roses, introduced by Flower Optimal Connection, took part in the Floradecora International Trade Fair, that took place from January 26th to 29th 2017 at Frankfurt am Main. At this premier edition, for fresh flowers and plants, more than 60 suppliers exhibited their products and concept solutions. With its innovative exhibition concept, the international Floradecora fair created the ideal link between fresh flowers and seasonal decorations and puts a strong focus on placing orders.

Some of the premium rose varieties that were on display at the Rose Safari stand included: Pegasso, Penny Lane, Celeb, 3D, News Flash, Monte Carlo and Duchesse .