Day 2: Rosa “Pink Rhodos”

It was a beautiful morning in the Masai Mara. By now the sun had slowly risen from the eastern horizon, casting yellow rays on the expansive Mara plains. My Rose Safari expedition in search for beautiful African roses has started-off excellently. The magical sights and sounds of the wild accompany me as I trek through the jungle in my search for the beautiful rose Pink Rhodos. Where could she be?

I asked myself as I crossed one of the many streams that run through Mara, walked muddy paths and even had close encounters with several wild animals. Then a few hours into my morning expedition, there she was. Sitting majestically behind a tiny ant-hill; right in the middle of bushy greenery, was the rose RHODOS. She stood out in her Beautiful and deep Pink color, Large Flowerhead and a Long Strong Stem. I am excited about my first discovery; it is simply amazing how the rose Pink Rhodos reflects the natural beauty of safari.