Day 6: Rosa “Penny Lane”

Today has been a productive day on my rose safari. The experience just like my discovery can only be described as superbly unique. I embarked on a hike through the different levels of montane and alpine vegetations on the foothills of Mt Kenya, the second highest mountain in the African continent. Mt Kenya is located on the equator, but despite it’s location the mountain has snow on it’s peaks. My mission today was to find the beautiful yellow rose Penny Lane. So I searched in earnest, my trek traversing through dense forest, small meadows, rocky terrain and fascinating bamboo vegetation.

A number of mineral springs and streams can be found here; also different species of wild animals. On this day a leopard displayed his great agility right in front of my eyes and a herd of endangered mountain bongo lit up the day with their striped bodies. 

I found my exquisite discovery, Penny Lane. The rose was just floating by, seemingly in ‘slow motion’ on one of the many tiny streams. Penny Lane  has a lovely shape and deep yellow color with a high petal count and long vase life. Penny Lane Roses have good strong stems and are very reliable to work with. This rose will fascinate any florist. Today was a great day on the Rose Safari