Day 1: Rosa “Newsflash”

My Rose Safari expedition for the search of Best African roses has taken me to the depths of Shaba National Reserve in Northern Kenya. I am searching for Newsflash, a beautiful orange yellow bi-colored rose that would nicely blend with the beautiful topography of Shaba.

Shaba Reserve is a semi arid region characterized by forests, scattered woodlands, dry grasslands and the imposing presence of the volcanic Shaba Hill. This was also the setting for the movie Out of Africa starring Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. Deep in one of the river forests, a congress of baboons swing from branch to branch as the ferocious crocodiles of Ewaso Nyiro lazy along the river’s shores.

After a long walk I make my discovery, Newsflash! The large headed bi-colored rose has a long stem, a nice orange / yellow color, a good vaselife and opens gracefully at the vase. Another successful day in my Rose Safari expedition.