Day 3: Rosa “Celeb”

My arrival in Nakuru National Park is greeted by a magical sea of pink lining the shores of Lake Nakuru. Flamingoes in their millions call this Soda lake home, and create a unique spectacle that is simply unmatched. I am on a Rose Safari, an expedition to find the best premium roses Africa has to offer. WIth pink in mind, I am in search of the Pink Variety Celeb!


Beyond the Lake waters, a beautiful natural landscape is filled with Zebra, Girrafes as well as black and white rhino. My search went on for the best part of the sunny afternoon.

And there she was, Celeb! sitting in perfect harmony with her rugged and picturesque surroundings. Celeb has an attractive pink color and a large head. Her stem-length is quite impressive and she stays fresh at the vase for upto 2 weeks. Lake Nakuru was a good stop in my quest for premium roses… The Rose Safari goes on.