Day 5: Rosa “3D”

On this day in my Rose Safari, I had an amazing experience at the Amboseli National Park. Not only because it is the best place in the African continent to get close to free-ranging elephants, but also because it is here that I found the amazing rose 3D. I was traversing the plains weeks after a drought had ravaged the park and gave new real meaning to the term survival for the fittest. The rains were now back in earnest, but the muddy terrains would not deter my search for the best premium African roses.

Elephant grunts and trumpets echoed all around as I stood in awe at the very top of the observatory point. As I enjoyed the amazing view, my eyes came across the bi-colored rose 3D just a few meters from where I stood. Her huge head was a reflection of the grand beauty of Mt Kilimanjaro, which was clearly visible on the horizon.

She stood on a long strong stem, with a beautiful classic shape and rich green leaves. 3D has a good colour intensity with and easy blend of pink, dark pink and a bit of cream. A fitting discovery on this long Rose Safari day.