Day 9: Good Times Rose

Yet another day in my Rose Safari discovery journey. Today I am back at the scenic Ngong Hills.The Ngong hills are peaks in a ridge along the Great rift valley located in southern Kenya. The forest is one of the few forests in the world within a city, only 6km from Nairobi city. It is indeed a precious resource for the capital city of Kenya. I began my hike towards the hills which took through a walking trail in search of a beautiful yellow rose Good Times.

The hills host a number of animals key among them being the Buffalo which I must confess I didn’t want to run into, other animals found here include Wild Pigs, Porcupines and Dik Diks. Unfortunately on this day I never got a chance to see any one of them. However, my task and quest ahead was to find the flourishing and beautiful rose.. The Good Times

Yes indeed I found Good Times. The rose in a wonderous yellow color, and as I look at it, I cant help but conclude that this rose is truly a sight to behold, a queen among many. Good Times  has a gorgeous appearance with a bright yellow color with a high petal count and long vase life. Good Times Roses, have long sturdy stems and should be on the top wish list of any florist. My Rose Safari trip was indeed successful.