Day 7: Rosa “Pegasso”

My rose safari stop today was deep in the Aberdare National Park. The day started off quite early, with amazing views of the forested ravines and open savanna that makes the park a spectacle to behold. I’ve had a close brush with an exciting variety of wildlife, including elephants, black rhinos, olive baboons, buffalos and birdlife in captivating numbers and colors. I can still vividly remember the chilly morning breeze sweeping down from the Aberdare Ranges, on my trek through caves leading up to Karuru Waterfalls. The three tiered waterfall is the second tallest in Kenya, and my source for the beautiful white rose Pegasso.

Just like the untouched bliss of the Aberdares, the rose Pegasso represents purity with her attractive large white flowerhead, strong petals, long stem and glorious opening. I found her beautiful and enticing presence right in the middle of the waterfall-mist quite poetic. A superb discovery in my Rose Safari.