Day 15: Madam Red Rose

Its another day on my Rose Safari Expedition, I make my way to the the ever imposing Ngong Hills. Am here to find a rose that is simply a cut above the rest. I discover what I can only reveal is what makes this expedition worthwhile. Madam Red Rose is her name, an unbelievable “Madam” that blooms forth with a heavenly rapture. A glorifying moment is what I am witnessing right in front of me. A red rose worthy to be a miss world of roses to be precise.

Madam Red Rose displays her character in her stunning beauty that is exuded through her long stem, a large flower head, captivating petals and a long vase life. All florist would give this flower a resounding and a definite ten out of ten, and I certainly concur. My rose safari expedition continues to be very exciting. Join me on the next one!