Time to try our Premium Roses Line!

The “Rose Safari” concept explained:

So with years of experience in the African rose industry. Flower Optimal Connection decided to startup this new concept. By selecting only the best premium rose varieties from carefully selected top farms in Kenya and bundeling these in a special compact Box, we are able to deliver African roses fresher to the florist than ever.

The florist is getting the special compact box directly from the grower, with the premium assortment and segment that the florist chooses.

It is possible to order according to the needed  segment, length, head size, color and choose from the carefully selected premium varieties in the “Rose Safari” assortment.

Roses are always fresh and untouched after the flowers are packed in the farm.

It is our intention to arrange long term steady agreements / supply, which we believe would be profitable for all parties.

A  steady agreement on a variety from a certain supplier will always come from that same supplier.


Interested Exporters:

Exporters can contact us for more information, promotion packages and it is possible to make steady price agreements.

Please contact us via mobile or email

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For interested Florists & wholesaler: 

To keep the delivery chain efficient and fast it is best to use the normal lines that exist. So any Exporter or Wholesaler is able to deliver our “Rose Safari” box of Premium roses strait through to the Florist.  

We do not deliver to florists directly.! So florist you can just ask you supplier for the “Rose Safari” rose box. Should you supplier say that he cannot buy/find them let us know and we will get you into contact with a supplier than can!