Day 8: Ever Red

This time my Rose Safari expedition takes me to the Ngong hills. the word Ngong was coined from the Maasai word “Ngong” which means Knuckles. The hills do take the form of knuckles but their beauty is something to behold. I made my way to the highest peak at 2460 meters/8070 feet above the sea level. In my trek I came across a Dik Dik which is one of the four species of small antelopes. I learn that the name Dik Dik is actually derived from the “females alarm call.” very interesting to say the least, but my mission here is to find the most dashing red rose.. The Ever Red.  I make my way to the top of the hill and alas! There it was, the Reddest Rose I have ever seen… a beautiful red rose more beautiful than any other thing in this world…I stand by my words. The Ever Red Rose’s beauty is just unbearable I cannot take not being with her for a single moment of my life.

As I examine her, the long stem, a large flower head and enticing petals, I cant help but marvel at the extraordinary excellence that leaves me intoxicated. I dare any florist to look at what I saw and say anything to the contrary.. they just have to agree with me.. just look at the pictures. Lets meet on my next journey in the rose safari expedition.