Rose Safari. A Premium Rose Selection

All over the world, narratives of Kenya’s majestic wild have been shared. Each tale speaking of her distinctive beauty, her unique culture, her untouched splendor, and sights & sounds presented in diverse shapes and colors.

The Safari country, where the BIG FIVE tear through dense jungle and vast plains. Where all year round nature-fed rivers snake through the floors of the Great Rift Valley with breathtaking landscapes and volcanic mountains forming an exquisite background.

Kenya is also known to be the land of beautiful roses. Rose varieties of diverse colours, shapes and sizes are grown amid this natural beauty.

Together with Optimal Connections, I have set out on an exciting “Rose Safari”. My unique expedition highlights some of the best Kenyan luxury roses, and also shows how well they blend with the various safari destinations that I visit. These safari luxury roses are a stunning reflection of the vast natural beauty that Kenya has to offer.

So pack your bags, and join me on the “Rose Safari